I forgot to turn on Strava for my run/hike/cycle. Can I add the metres manually?

Although Strava does let you log an activity manually it does not allow you to add metres climbed manually.  This is because Strava uses your recorded route data to determine your metres climbed.

So you'll need to head out again to make those metres count!

What if I can't complete my challenge in the time I selected?

You have until your countdown reaches 0 to get to the summit.  If you do not reach the summit in time then the challenge will end without you having reached the summit.

The good news is that once a challenge ends you can select another one, giving yourself more time, or changing the activity!

I recorded an activity with Strava but it doesn't appear in my challenge

This is usually because the recorded activity in Strava doesn't match the activity type chosen for your challenge.  For example if you choose a 'hike' challenge but record a 'walk' in Strava then it won't appear.

You can resolve this but changing the activity type in Strava and then contacting Mountain Rush support to update your challenge.

This could also be because your Strava privacy settings. You will need to change your privacy settings to that everyone can see your activities.

What if I need to postpone my challenge?

If your challenge has not ended then it should be possible to change the end date, just contact Mountain Rush support.

Why can't I see unlocked video content in my challenge?

If your challenge contains content to unlock as you climb, then you need to be 'signed in' on the device where you're viewing the content.

For example if you 'sign up' to a challenge on a desktop and then view your activity on your smartphone then you'll also need to 'sign up' on your smartphone.

How do I see unlocked video content again?

If your challenge contains content and you've successfully unlocked it, then you may view it as often as you like.

Unlocked content is denoted by a floating 'tick' icon, just click on it and you'll see the content again.

Can I use other fitness apps?

We have selected Strava as our activity tracking solution.  Strava allows the use of activity data and the photos you upload into the Strava App.  At this time we have no plans to integrate other fitness apps.

Please contact support if you have any questions.