Run with Midnight Runners
and race the
Mogadishu Marathon
Not everyone can run when they want, where they want. Support Somali runners by virtually running a Mogadishu Marathon race from wherever you are on March the 6th.

Samia Yusuf
Memorial Run

The Mogadishu Marathon honors Samia Yusuf Omar, an Olympic runner from Somalia, who drowned attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea in 2012.

Although she met the same fate as many refugees around the world, her story is that of an incredibly strong and resistant female runner, fighting the status quo, and dreaming of the freedom to run.

How it works

1. Sign up

100% of your registration fee will be used to
cover travel costs for Somali’s from the
regions to join a race, and support the only
free local ambulance in Mogadishu.

2. Join our community

Download the Strava app and on race day,
March 6th, run your chosen distance. Why
not also join a Midnight Runners free event,
simply sign up with myCrew.

3. Celebrate your achievement

Cross the finishing line and celebrate with
your friends. You have just made a statement
to the world: Running and the freedom to run
is for everyone!

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